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Peloton is an American exercise equipment and media company that was founded in 2012 and launched with help from a Kickstarter funding campaign in 2013. The company is based in New York, New York. Its main products include a stationary bicycle and treadmill that allow users to remotely participate in classes that are streamed from the company's fitness studio and are paid for through a monthly subscription.

A former employee said this at Indeed website: "Apart from being sexually harassed everyday, I was hurt on the job due to management neglect. Then was fired because of it. Very drug friendly and unprofessional. Do not work at Peloton".


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Current Employee - Member Experience Representative says

"Management will retaliate against you if they feel threatened after you make a complaint on them. Suddenly they start digging and looking for something to write you up about and will look at all your tickets suddenly trying to target you and find something that they can try and say you did wrong. Management and leadership displays a facade of being “supportive and a family culture” to everyone when you’re in training. But as soon as you express your concerns about something inappropriate that they did, they will start to target you and try to get you fired. I initially liked starting my shifts everyday but now I dread it. Management/leadership is very shady and not to be trusted and they will stick together and go against the employee no matter what. Watch out. I would not recommend this company."

Current Employee - Finance says

"Pretentious environment with a revolving door of employees especially in the finance department. It's been almost a year and HR is yet to fill the role of staff accountant. The same job has been posted repeatedly since at least October 2019 and it's been impossible to hold down a candidate. It's incredible especially with the high rate of unemployment and such a basic role. But the culture is pretentious and cold, hence tons of qualified candidates are turned down. They are also inflexible and elitist, which is disheartening given the current socio political conflicts plaguing the country."

Former Employee - Logistics Analyst says

"Cult like leadership. Lacks empathy and respect to low level employees"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"The technical foundation of this company is very narrowed rooted by sysadmins, trying to do all the buzzwords, but frustrated without architects' mindsets. Desperately recruiting all kinds of people, aggressively pushing on every direction, layoff after not meeting some unclear deadlines. No warning layoffs even for H1B holder! Cancel H1B VISA immediately!!! No negotiation!! Lack of real communications, too many small talks, casual jokes, but no real trust in between teams. Desperately making a face in brands, but lack of creativity and real value."

Current Employee - Everything says

"There is not equal room for growth. They treat their employees like we are just numbers. Now, do they give promotions, yes, but from what I see, the promotions go to their friends and friends of friends. When a new position does come up, they reached out to who they want the position to go too and the people who have degrees or have experience get skipped over. There are so many more things that are so wrong. Too much to type. There is no work/life balance. People who have kids at home will never be home with them because of the crazy schedules. I never worked for a company who picks my schedule for me. We have a life outside Peloton but upper management dont care, but let something happen to their animals, they dont come to work, or they just leave early but people with children better suck it up. You dont get a yearly raise and they make you work positions that you dont want too."


"Terrible Management, bad culture, no trust in employees, focusing on wrong part of business."


"-Clicky managers -Disorganised, shift changes last minute without warning -Favouritism as would rather keep terrible members of staff just because they suck up to management and make them look better and get rid of the good ones who actually do their job -Lack of communication -Two faced management and staff members"

Former Employee - Sales Specialist says

"I had high hopes of a positive experience with Peloton, sadly that did not happen. The company enables managers to create an uncomfortable atmosphere which to work in. We were constantly berated for the smallest thing, such as a weight on the bike of a bike that was rotated by a customer that was not immediately returned to their company`s desired positioning. Company leadership actually used expletives in conversation if the neatness of the store did not meet his exacting standards. We were also instructed that the cameras were there to monitor us and to always make sure we were busy and to never sit down on the bench. One of my co-workers that suffers from planter fasciitis was vebally reprimanded for sitting for just a brief moment once, after several hours on her feet. During weekends, there was up to 7 of us on the sales floor. And we all shared one laptop. We all needed to communicate with our leads through SalesForce, being sure to send e-mails every 3 days to them. And anytime they e-mailed us back or called us, we had to document it in SalesForce. That would be fine if there was 2 or 3 computers for us to share. Having to wait in a long line to use a computer at work to send out communications to customers is incredibly ineffecient. Especially when you are also speaking with several walk-in leads/customers throughout the work day. And then when you end up not being able to document everything in time for your dozens or hundreds of leads, the management team gives you a warning. Bear in mind, there is also 2 hours plus a day spent cleaning by each employee. With a checklist to document the cleaning that must be gone through 3 times a day. The break room is located in the boiler room of the building, literally. Meanwhile, our a co-worker made a racist comment to a customer, who loudly vocalized their disgust prior to exiting our store and that co-worker maintained their position and employment at Peloton. It`s disgusting that somehow is tolerated and being a 100% up to date in SalesForce is not. When an employee is relatively new they should give them coaching as well as some leeway in learning a new computer program; aside from ordering a couple more computers. What is tragically ironic is that while there are incredibly high standards placed on retail employees, corporate fails to execute highly important matters. Let`s take the $150 million dollar lawsuit with musical artists and their record companies for one. How does a company that streams classes to tens of thousands of homes forget to get clearance to use specific music from major artists ? And when they decided to open 2 hours early on Black Friday, why was their new promotion of this in national ads or even on the local Facebook pages ? Unsurprisingly, opening early did not yield very many extra customers. The company is too busy attempting to "grow fast" to execute on big picture issues that will make a big difference in them staying relevant and in business. Peloton also continually sends out brand new "field specialists" to both customers homes and showrooms to assemble the bikes. And because the company has them in such a rush, they often leave with bikes that wobble because the feet on the bottom are not properly aligned. It was very frustrating demoing bikes for potential customers with a shaky bike. A bike that would have been quite stable had the field specialist spent an extra 5 minutes installing it. And as noted, the same thing happens with customers that just spent $2,500 total on their bikes, shoes and delivery. So, you end up getting new customers calling the showroom and walking in to complain, rightfully so. And if a customer lives "too far" from a warehouse, the delivery is outsourced to XPO Logistics. This is a large company that delivers everything, so often times, a customer receives their bike from a driver that has never delivered a Peloton bike before and obviously has zero idea how to properly set it up and get it synced in with the customers Wi-Fi. Lastly I`ll note what many other reviewers have noted; Peloton is very cliquey. So, if the manager decides they don`t want you in the clique, they let you go for a very minor reason. It`s supposed to be a serious business. And at serious businesses, you allow your employees to work and get the job done. In life, people have different personalities and that needs to be accepted in the workplace. Particularly so, when customers are very pleased with an employees work."

Former Employee - Field Operations Specialist says

"Management does not do their job effectively. Management also plays favoritism towards veteran employees Management does not allow a full investigation to happen to solve problems."

wearhouse worker (Former Employee) says

"Too many lies an disturbing distrust between employers and employees. I’ve seen people encouraging other to make up stories to gain advancement. Favoritism to a detriment, where a employee was hit by a forklift,with pallet to not be asked about well being instead asked to keep quite. The houston branch company seems to encourage a vision of cut throat tactics to lead towards advancement. Unfortunately the majority of managers are friends disallowing productive changes allowing a low ceiling for growth. I’ve witnessed verbal abuse, covert racism, ageism an classism, among management in this company. Unfortunately the 3 maybe 4 employees in management that actually do there jobs are hindered by the actions of others.At times meal are catered to.The internal dishonesty, an lack of real communication an the discouragement of employees to associate."

Seasonal Employee (Former Employee) says

"I had an interview for a Seasonal Development Sales position. The Unprofessional recruiter that interviewed me was rushing as if she had no interest in what I had to say. It was very blah and I felt very uncomfortable. Not enough questions were asked and again felt unprofessional and rushed. There was a test thrown at me at me where no opportunity was given to even understand it. This was the worse recruiter/interview that I had ever been in contact with. Good productTerrible Representation of a Receuiter"

Warehouse (Current Employee) says

"If you arent a brown noser, you wont be accepted into the inner circle of lazy people and promoted over those who actually work hard. Extremely incompetent managers and HQ personnel. Issues brought to the attention of higher ups gets ignored and brushed off. Its a job for someone who has no life goals or responsibilities. Mainly a job for pot heads. Ive had different managers in my location, either demoted or fired. Current manager is a bipolar sociopath, who one minute is jumping down your throat and thr next hes your best friend with a big smile. Currently we are all worried aboutCovid19 and having to be in peoples homes in thr NYC/NJ area and the company believes for some reason they are essential and are forcing us to go deliver."

Field Operations (Former Employee) says

"To work for this company can be an experience. But it is in no way recommended. You really aren't looked out for and it's a race between everyone else, always a competition. The slogan, together we go far is just a hoax and it is not a mission, but rather something to conceal this company how people are treated behind closed doors and how employees treat each other."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"I had worked as a delivery driver for almost 15 years and I am a fit person who likes the gym! I had bloody three interviews and they still rejected me because I was better than them in everything! The mangers seemed a little young to preform such a job and they think they are the best however, they know nothing about management! This company will not succeed in the UK and you will see! During the interview they asked this stupid question" What would you bring to the team of quality?" the question wasn't even asked properly. The job I applied for was the driver! What do you expect a driver going to bring to your team? sales? passion? etc... The way they ask the questions is not appropriate! peloton is a tiny company just started sucking dollars from idiots money! Who wants to cycle inside the house and pay more than 30 pounds?nothingmostly everything"

Sales Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Peloton is a fast growing company that does not take the time to appreciate their employees and how hard they are working. As others noted, they focus too much on cliques. So, even if you show up on time all the time and do a good job with sales, you are still put on managements radar since you are not part of the clique. This is supposed to be a serious business, not high school. Cameras are used more to intimidate you not to not be idle even for a second and less so for a theft deterrent. We were told often that we were being watched...nice. It is not a "fun" or low-key place to work, as one might wrongfully think based on taking a class with one of their instructors. The sales management and middle management needs to learn the basics of how to properly motivate and retain employees. Both voluntary and involuntary turnover at Peloton is far too high, which of course, is a tell tale sign of a toxic culture.High quality product that most customers really likeDrama, constant cleaning & recleaning, no positive recognition, shifts changed without consultation, HR labor laws abused, company is not open to change although they claim to be, absentee managers rarely give you 1 on 1 time to discuss issues"

Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"This job is mainly for young adults still living at home. If you have a family to support don’t waste your time . As a driver they say 40hrs a week but in the summer they won’t tell you they go by projections of sale so during the summer time when the sales slow you will be working 40hrs every two weeks. Also management will hire there friends for position to collect the sign on bonus so it’s very cliquey. I was full time driver an worked there for a year to make 18,000 as a full time employeeMeeting new peopleWhere do I begin"

Delivery Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This company is a joke. All they want is money. There in no care for its employees at all. Management has no idea how to manage its people. Never felt like there was a team, everyone out for themselves .NonePoor Management, Untrained Co Workers, Long hours"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Although I was seasonal which I knew could or would end after Busy season, I was given false hope about a permanent position and or Advancement. The individual that hired me lead me to believe that I was doing great and a Permanent position was a lock for me.Then this individual left abruptly, so all the promises he made were no longer Valid.To make matters worse was that the whole scope of our Job Description/Requirements seemed to change almost Daily. It started as a laid back setting,but the job still got done. Bye the end it was completely about Quota's and was very Tense and completely unnecessary.I had seen they terminated other Seasonal employees with little to no warning, I naively thought I was going to be treated differently.Unfortunately that was not the case at all, I received a Call at 7:15 in the evening letting me know I was no longer needed. This left me with a terrible taste in my mouth and now I will never recommend to anyone to work at this company.Good People Working in the RanksManagement lacking"

Field Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Great job for someone with no professional skills or goals. Management constantly ignores employees wishes and HR is borderline useless. The entire company is one big clique where if you don’t fit in your ignored until you quit or get fired. Management decisions make absolutely no sense. You can be the laziest/worst delivery specialist for months and be praised for “trying” while those who actually work hard get left behindStarts at 19/hrEvery aspect of your day leaves you feeling hopeless"

Field Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Management constantly preaches about developing their employees, but very few people actually get the opportunity to display their true talents. Favoritism is a major problem. Local managers and regional managers are under-qualified and undereducated. Decent pay. Terrible hours.Decent payNo structure. Vague policies. Inexperienced managers"

Assembly Technician (Former Employee) says

"Peloton pays good but honestly not enough for how much nonesense they give you, they dont care about what you have to say and will blame you for something that is not your doing, especially with "time theft." Promotions are not a thing and there is no competition for more pay. Morale is also a huge low due to them not fulfilling their promises they make to better the company and more importantly the actual work site. Also for having so many "policies" they did not compensate me or others that also were duped with a $2000 recruitment. The policies they claim they know just seem to be made up all of a sudden whenever something is a threat to them including paying more recently because of the George floyd incident and not wanting to be known as the company who is also a bit racist but hides it behind closed doors. Peloton also does not care about veterans, being a veteran myself, I told them of a disability I have and they have completely forgotten I had it. It seems like a lot of cons but one of the more Important points is that they power harass their employees to make them do what they want them to do and accuse them for being late even if they arrived early and just went to go get water or use the restroom or just help another coworker on the line, they will complain about why your helping someone who needs help and that you should do your own job instead of helping another coworker. They dont care about what happens to you, when one of your family members suddenly is hospitalized and they need your help when rehabilitating back to health and they want you always make them"

Forklift Operator/Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Peloton is about as diverse of a company as you’ll ever come across. They purposely do this to make themselves look like they’re accepting of everybody. The pay is garbage and the managers have no idea how to run a warehouse. If you like working with people who feel like the world owes them and they don’t have to work for their salaries; then this is the place for you! They don’t drug test a single person and that includes every single driver."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Working for Peloton was a disaster. From the moment you hit the floor you're expected to hit unrealistic goals. I've had several years of sales and management experience and i felt that it was a stressful environment. Like everyone has mentioned in their reviews, theirs a lot of cliques within the workplace. There is no formal training.You literally do two days of training on the computer and then thrown on the floor. The numbers they expect you to sell make no sense at all and are unrealistic. You have to compete as a beginner with people who been there for several years. In addition, My manager has no people skills. She would micromanage every little thing you do. You can tell she got the job by knowing someone. She would try to intimidate you and make you feel dumb.I never felt that degraded in my life.In addition, my manager would gossip about customers and her employees. Grown woman but has a child mentality. Pretty sad a company like Peloton doesn't promote teamwork. Corporate seems to be focused more on sales, then training and employee contribution.Tuition Reimbursement, Good money if you can sellMicromanagement, Unrealistic Sales Quota, No growth."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company has underdeveloped leadership and upper management. No advancement or training opportunities. If you have ideas they never get heard, so you basically nod and smile.Travel opportunitiesManipulation is their game"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great product but the company is at the helm of terrible leadership. There is never a review, a coaching moment to be had. When they feel they have gotten everything out of you, you are termed without warning. Commission based sales make your peers, your enemies. Strong competition is encouraged and is a detriment to many store environments as there are not strong guidelines as to how you account for your leads."

Field Technician (Former Employee) says

"Not the most professional place to work, hiring manager didn’t seem professional at all over the phone, soon as work started I could tell this work environment would be based off who I got along with rather than how good my work production was. Upper management seems to be very cliquey and not very professional. Just my two cents."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Fired for absolutely no reason after working for 2 months during their peak holiday season. I wasnt the only one let go so I'm pretty sure they were making cuts"

Interviewer/Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"Mind-boggingly bad experience interviewing with this company. Was contacted within 24 hours of submitting a resume through Indeed. There's the possibility that I wasn't seriously being considered as I was slightly over qualified, but I was very interested in the company!Recruiter called ten minutes late for our phone screen. There was no small talk, not even a friendly inquiry about how my day was going, just "is now still a good time?" and then immediately launched into the interview questions. Recruiter interrupted me during my answers and generally seemed disinterested in the interview. Even when asked, Recruiter could not be bothered to speak positively about Peloton or to give simple insight into company culture or environment. Turned me off as a prospective employee but also as a long time customer. I've had my bike for years now and always admired the company. Was extremely disappointed with the experience.Still seems like a cool company with a lot of moving parts!Recruiter didn't seem to want to be working there!"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Management was poor. During deliveries I couldn’t take restroom breaks or lunch breaks. My hours were cut down for speaking up. I sued the company and won."

Laurie Doolittle says

"So, so darn frustrated with what was a huge investment on my part. Finally ‘bit the bullet’ and paid to purchase the bike. Took about 8 weeks to get, but ok, it’s a Pandemic. Received on 8/3/20. Since it’s a Pandemic, Peloton wouldn’t bring upstairs so they delivered to my garage. Ok, understand. I had to wait a few weeks to get a family member to help me move it upstairs and then had to upgrade my Internet for it to work. The day I planned my first ride (?9/9/20), Peloton announces their bike+ (First time I heard of any upcoming releases) and significantly reduced the price of the bike I just purchased and have yet to ride. Ok - I will exchange and upgrade. No - Peloton says adamantly, I am outside the 30-day window (by 6 days!) and there are no exceptions. Politely ask to escalate and speak to someone. I have to say, their email response time was superb. However, I can’t talk to a live person and standardized email responses say my only choice is the exchange (where I only get $700 credit for my bike) or for me to sell it and buy the new one. I’ve reminded them that they significantly reduced the price of the one I just night so their options to me leave me out of a lot of money). I feel so cheated and honestly sick to my stomach as the rotating screen would be huge for me in order to take other classes. And, I feel 100% justified in my request. How can they not give notice of a new release in the works?? Am beyond disappointed in this experience with what I thought was a top notch company who valued their customers...."

Jean Ruiz Carreño says

"Horrible after-sale experience, I bought one bike a month ago and I had to wait 2 months after the purchase to get it (OCT 14TH) But then they released the new Peloton +, so I tried to get an upgrade so contacted them and they told me that my previous order had to be canceled but by purchasing the new bike it would be delivered around the same time as the original order....well that was a huge lie, the sales associate just blatantly lied to me just to make a after I paid for the new bike I got the confirmation email to set up the delivery and surprise surprise the new delivery was for NOVEMBER 12 at the now had to wait 2 more months to get the bike. FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF 3 MONTHS UNTIL I GET ANY BIKE I was so fed about the lie that I canceled the purchase immediately, I prefer to get a lower tier bike that I can actually use instead of paying for a fancy one that will never arrive."

Janet Kleinbaum says

"Worse customer service than cable tv. My bike delivery has been cancelled and pushed back 3 times. It is impossible to get a human being on the phone, and am forced to communicate via email. (Of course there is no problem getting a sales person on the line to buy a bike!) Their rote responses show no sense of urgency or concern for my situation and thus, there has been no acceptable resolution. Their delivery company blames Peloton - Peloton blames their delivery company. Meanwhile, they have my $ and I have no product. Don't believe the hype."

R V says

"Still no response from this company who are taking my money but not supplying the bike. they keep saying they are looking into it but they are not" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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